PAYDAY Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size Candy, 3.1 oz Bar

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About this item

  • Contains one (1) 3.1-ounce PAYDAY Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size Candy Bar
  • Peanut and caramel coated in chocolate in a king-size bar perfect for snacking on at home, in the office or during your favorite movie
  • Certified kosher caramel, chocolate and peanut king-size candy wrapped for freshness that lasts to the final bite
  • Bring chocolatey peanut and caramel candy to birthday parties, anniversary dates and movie marathons to make each event even more exciting
  • Protein-packed peanuts with a delectable, creamy caramel to hold them all together for a chewy, mouth-watering snack with the perfect salty-sweet finish for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween candy selections

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