Nintendo Super Mario PEZ Set - Mario And Luigi PEZ Dispensers with Candy Refills

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Mario Pez Set - Mario And Luigi Pez Dispensers With Candy Refills NET WT 0.87 oz ea.

  • PEZ Nintendo Candy Dispensers Set - No Need To Drive Around Looking For All Of The Current Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Pez Characters. We've Included The Most Popular In One Set 
  • Pez Mario Bros And Pez Luigi Dispenser.  Each Candy Dispenser With 2 Candy Refill Packs each
  • Pez Dispenser Value - Pack Of 2 Nintendo Pez Dispensers And Candy Refill Rolls
  • Looking For A Good Super Mario Gift Or Birthday Pez Boys or Pez Girls Party Favors? - We Have Everything Included In One Set
  • Each Genuine Dispenser From Pez Candy Inc Is Individually Packaged And Comes With Fruit Flavored ( Grape, Lemon and Orange) Pez Candy Refills

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