KOOL-AID Gum Lollipops, Tropical Punch, Cherry & Grape 34 CT NET WT. 14.39 OZ

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 Kool-Aid Gum Lollipops 34 count Bag 14.39 oz.

You've had the drink, maybe you've tried the gummies, but now the Kool-Aid man is bursting in to show off the latest Kool-Aid creation! Kool-Aid Gum Pops! Delicious fruity lollipops with a gum center to keep the fun lasting! Each bag comes with an assortment of the classic Kool-Aid flavors: Tropical Punch, Cherry, and Grape. Perfect for sharing, using as party favors, or eating them all yourself! OH YEAH! 

Bag contains approximately 34 pops.

Made in Brazil

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